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Aldís Erna Pálsdóttir

PhD Student

Edge effects of forestry and urbanization on bird populations. 

Contact: aep5@hi.is

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Sigurður Björn Alfreðsson

MSc Student

Effects of shrub encroachment on bird populations.  

PhD Student

Whimbrel, fitness, individuals, migration, annual cycle, carry-over effects.

Contact: camilofcarneiro@gmail.com 

Camilo Carneiro
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Lilja Jóhannesdóttir

Post doc 

Reconciling agriculture and biodiversity conservation.

Contact: liljajoa@gmail.com

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Verónica Mendez

Post doc (with University of East Anglia, Jenny Gill's lab)

Migratory decisions in partial migrants and demographic modelling

Contact: v.mendez.aragon@gmail.com

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José Augusto Alves

Post doc (with University of Aveiro)

Arctic breeding waders, migration, annual cycle, carry-over effects.

Contact: j.alves@uea.ac.uk 

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Tómas Grétar Gunnarsson
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Director/Research professor

My research interests are tightly knit to the agenda of the Centre and involve migratory populations, habitats, demography and conservation. 

Contact: tomas@hi.is

Böðar Þórisson

Research specialist

Management of long-term projects, demographic monitoring of wader populations. 

Contact: bodvar@hi.is

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Jenny Gill and Graham Appleton

Spring migrants

Jenny & Graham are our long term collaborators on a range of projects and appear with southerly winds each spring. Jenny is a professor at the University of East Anglia and Graham (formerly at the BTO) maintains the Wadertales blogs which highlight many of our research results along with other studies on the ecology and conservation of waders worldwide. 

South Iceland Research Centre

University of Iceland