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Individual colour marking with unique combinations of plastic rings is a standard and an important tool for tracking individuals. That way, an individual is caught only once and after that it can be identified from a distance. Any subsequent sightings contribute to our knowledge of that individuals' life history and with many such life histories, we can build up knowledge of populations.
We run colour-ringing programs for four species of waders as a part of our research. If you see one of those we appreciate to hear about it. Please send information about your sighting to The information we need are position and colour of rings, date and place. Additional information like moult status of the individual, behaviour and flock size is also most appreciated. Repeat sightings of the same individuals in the same places are just as valuable as novel sightings as they allow us to calculate things like site fidelity and survival. 

Searching for colour marked Oystercatchers in winter

OR-GOz (Black-tailed Godwit)
RG-RO (Godwit)
YW-GflagN (Oystercatcher)
Y//G-W//Y (Ringed Plover)
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